The Symbol of Chaos pendant

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An eight-pointed star, the famous Chaos Star of Tzeentch. Elegant and delicate work with many beautiful small details. A symbolic reflection of the infinite possibilities of forces that are beyond human and inhuman morality. For real fans who do not want to be limited in their thoughts or in society's frames and rules.

Measurements: 43 mm x 43 mm
Approximate weight: Silver - 9.5 g

Size and weight may vary slightly because each product is unique and made to order.

All the accessories are made diligently and with great passion. We make sure that we deliver only the items of the highest quality. Each model passes through a long way from a sketch to a ready to ship item, while we refine all the details. You receive the result of hours and days of hard work. We call it the art of fan craft and we are proud to introduce you to our accessories.

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The Symbol of Chaos pendant
The Symbol of Chaos pendant
The Symbol of Chaos pendant
The Symbol of Chaos pendant