✓ Care instructions
Brass and sterling silver may oxidize over time, turning a darker, more muted color. Please, keep it in mind.
To keep the product’s original view as long as possible we recommend follow the instructions:

- Avoid exposure with household chemicals, chlorinated water, lotions, cosmetics, hair sprays, perfumes.
- Keep your jewelry in the closed jewelry box.
- Don’t forget to wipe the product with a napkin, which we attach to the product.
- Remove silver jewelry when doing household chores, or going to sauna, swimming pool, gym.
- Do not wipe the product with abrasive products and materials.
- For thorough cleaning, you can use a special metal cleaner specifically formulated for jewelry, or contact a specialized jewelry service.

✓ Custom and personalized orders
We have custom order service. If you want absolutely unique item, created under your control - that's a point! Contact us with subject "Custom Order" and we will make you happy :)

✓ Wholesale
If you want to buy wholesale, email us at game.fan.craft@gmail.com
If you have any questions please contact us.

✓ How to receive the order at the post office
In order to secure the exact delivery of your purchase every package is marked with branded tape. Please be aware when you are getting your shipment form the post office and make sure to check next few things and insure that the goods are fully preserved inside the package:
1. Overall integrity of the package and markings, all of it including the branded tape mentioned must be sealed and untouched.
2. Weight of the package should match the one in the postal papers that are coming along with the shipment at the moment of its dispatch.
3. If any of this clues are actually taking place please open up the package in the presence of the post officer and check that all of the goods are in the package according to the list in your order.

✓ I didn't find my order in box
If the contents of the shipment does not meet your order - please let us know as soon as possible and we'll help you solving this issue by any means necessary.

✓ What if the order is lost in delivery?
If the delivery time of your order has exceeded the deadlines indicated by us, and the tracking information is not updated - write to us and we will organize a search for your parcel.
When the postal service searches your parcel and finds it, the parcel will be sent on to you. If the postal service declares the parcel lost, we will replace your order or make a refund for it of your choice.