About us

GameFanCraft Workshop is a factory of fantastical items in your world or handmade-style for adventurers. We came from a variety of fantasy, alternative and cosmic worlds, from different times and epochs and met here, in this spatiotemporal point on Earth, insofar as we chose exactly this planet to create a multidisciplinary workshop post that can satisfy your most exquisite and capricious wishes.
The hobby has quickly grown up into a unique project since we all still have contacts in our worlds. So what does it mean? Right! We can provide you with any artifact, accessory, jewelry or other items - whatever you want, from any fantasy world. We will process and solemnly hand you the desired item, whatever it is: a Germanic king's or queen's battle garb, a Protoss helmet or elegant One Ring in female or children's version.
Oh, we see: you are confused. We guess: you probably don't completely believe that this is possible. So let us provide you with a tour around the workshops of our factory and show you our modest achievements.
GameFanCraft Jewelry is a unit where you can see a variety of handmade jewelry which was sent there by special couriers from your favorite universes. You can find here a lot of rare and precious goods from many popular worlds; and if you suddenly wouldn't find the item you were looking for, you can always write to us and wonder how quickly your wishes come true.
All of our goods - both originals and exact copies - are made with love only from high-quality metals.
We enhance each model from another world and work all of them out to the smallest details.
We pay great attention to each of our work - from an idea and a sketch to a form.
GameFanCraft LARP is another place for a flight of any imagination. We have visited a lot of games and LARP-festivals in different countries here, on the Earth. Our cosplay unit team has won the Grand Prix at ComicCon Ukraine with the outstanding StarCraft group characters set. That was a hell several months when we was working on that characters :)
When we designing each piece we are working on, we test all of the available and unavailable technologies, realizing how important each detail of the costume is. While creating a cosplay, we try to reach maximal in accordance with the picture, so that your costume will be great-looking both on a stage and in a photo. Be sure that our LARP models are charged for the maximum pathos for your role-playing and are also to wear. We definitely know how to make them spectacular, convenient and lasting.
Oh, an important moment: the custom-house between the worlds doesn't let through the items which are not adapted to one or the other world. That's why we put a great amount of our labor into each artifact.
We will take matters into our own hands and make any of your wishes come true. Just relax and write to us, what do you want. You can do this on our Contact Us form or send us a message.
And the most important thing you should know about us is that we are wanderers and we never stop what we've reached. There are lots of worlds and settings, ideas and projects, events and new directions ahead for our factory. In fine, welcome to our multi-universe and let's go taking new adventures and obtaining invaluable loot!